Annual result

Swiss Transfusion SRC closes 2021 with a break-even result.

Blood donation

The blood supply division was able to close with a positive operating profit thanks to various projects supported by the SRC Humanitarian Foundation.


Blood stem cells

The high demand for services in the fields of coordination, collection and transplantation had a positive impact on the 2021 year-end result. There was also a high demand for searches for donors for patients in Switzerland in 2021. A total of 246 searches were conducted (2020: 235). The annual result reflects this: income from donor searches and transplantation rose once again, up to around CHF 15,3 million from CHF 14,5 million in 2020. Moreover, the number of donors in the registry who received a specific request for a blood stem cell donation in 2021 reached an all-time high. There was no significant change in the level of demand for tissue-typing, though.


Swiss Transfusion SRC’s mandate from the Swiss government to provide services in the area of blood stem cells does not include any funding for the registration of new donors; Swiss Transfusion SRC has to cover these expenses itself. Total registration costs per donor are CHF 140.

In connection with the benefactor programme launched in 2020, fundraising income rose from CHF 185,556 to CHF 348,361. By the end of the year, more than half of the «benefactors» had renewed their pledges for another year.

Balanced budget

The 2021 financial statement shows a balanced result thanks to the further increase in demand for services relating to blood stem cells and good results from investments in securities.

The annual financial statement was audited by the auditors Ernst & Young according to the Swiss GAAP FER standards and the principles of the limited audit. The annual financial statements are available in German and French.